Astronomers Paradise

Astronomers Paradise

Astronomers Paradise is a newly opened facility located in the southwest New Mexico astronomy community. This area of the country exhibits some of the most incredible dark skies in the continental US and is home to many amateur astronomers.

Astronomers Paradise has been specifically designed for the astronomer who wants his or her observatory to house their telescope and mount but does not wish to go to the expense of owning property. The facility consists of several automated metal covered roll off roof observatories approximately 24 x 16 in size with warm rooms and piers. Each observatory comes equipped with electrical power, adjacent RV pad with 50/30/20 amp pedestal and wireless repeater for internet access.

Observatories are available on 6 month and 12 month leases:

6 Month Lease - $3000 payable $500 per month

12 Month Lease - $5000 payable $435 first month and $415 remaining months

All leases include observatory with automated roll off roof, all electricity, wireless cell repeater, RV parking with pedestal, water availability and use of the clubhouse Recreation room and shower. A sanitary dump is also available and included in the lease.

For more information or to arrange a visit email:

Amigos del Cielo

In addition to Astronomers Paradise, there are real estate packages available for purchase for those interested in building their own observatory on land they own. Sites are available in Amigos del Cielo development just north of Rodeo, NM on Highway 80. 10 acre parcels in Amigos del Cielo are $26,900. These lots are also perfect homesites and are operated under a Covenant of Restrictions to preserve the dark sky and ensure the community is residential. Inquiries should be directed to:

Limestone Mountain - Lots and Pier Rental

If you want to rise "above the rest" there is mountain top real estate available for purchase on Limestone Mountain near Portal, AZ that makes perfect home and observatory sites. Several observatories already make this mountain top their home at 6000 ft above sea level and have piers avaiable for monthly rental. Inquiries should be directed to: